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With our powerful, yet easy to use automated trading strategy… Transform into a confident, fearless trader by utilizing over two decades of experience built into this amazing easy to use automated trading strategy.

Charging Bull 2.0 is a Fully Automated Trading Strategy available for NinjaTrader 8.

Our system is simple to use, yet very powerful. One of the great things about this strategy is the user interface. You will be able to change settings on the fly straight from the chart. As retail day traders we have taken over a decade of experience to simplify every aspect of the trading process. You’re not just investing in another auto-trading strategy. We provide a complete trading system that we use with confidence everyday to provide for our families. Let's see it in action...

E-Mini S&P  (ES) - Full Auto Mode

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Mini Nasdaq  (NQ) - Full Auto Mode

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Automated Trading is Taking Over

Charging Bull ATS was built around years of experience in trading future and forex markets. When used with our trading education and money management rules we believe we have the best auto trading system on the market.

  • Clear entry and exit action targets

    Charging Bull 2.0, allows retail traders to establish rules for both trade entries and exits that can be automatically executed via a computer. The trade entry and exit rules are customizable based on your account size and trading style.

  • Stops, profit targets and trailing stops

    Depending on the rules set, when a trade is executed, a protective stop, profit targets and trailing stop will automatically be placed. Once placed Charging Bull ATS will monitor the live trade and exit the market once the profit target or stop loss is triggered.

  • Monitor the market to find by or sell opportunities

    Once the strategy rules are entered, Charging Bull ATS will monitor the market to find buy or sell opportunities based on momentum, trend, volume, and high probability targets. This will take the guess work of entries.

  • Automated order entries and exits

    In future and forex markets, automated order entries can make the difference between a small loss, and catastrophic loss in the event the executed trade moves against the trader.

Advantages of using Charging Bull ATS

Attain Consistency. One of the most significant psychological challenges in trading is to stick with a trading plan. Most trading plans have the potential to be profitable, But most traders ignore the trading rules amending any expectations the plan would have had. It is impossible for a trading plan to be correct 100% of the time. Losses are going to happen; they are apart of trading. Automated trading systems allow traders to achieve consistency by trading the plan.

  • Controls Discipline

    Because trade executions perform automatically and rules established, discipline is sustained even in volatile markets. Automated trading ensures that discipline is maintained because the trading plan will be followed precisely.

  • Decreased Emotions

    Minimizing emotions while trading can give a huge psychological advantage. You will think more clearly making it easier to stick to the trading plan. Since trade orders execute automatically, traders will not be able to hesitate or question the trade.

  • Deversifies Trading

    Permits user to trade multiple accounts or various strategies at one time. This spreads risk over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positions.

  • Rapid Fast Order Entries

    Automated trading systems respond rapidly to all market conditions, they can generate orders without hesitation. Getting in or out of trade immediately can make a huge difference in the trade’s outcome. Protective stop losses and profit targets automatically generate so it prevents a trade blowing past a stop loss or profit target before the orders can be entered.

Charging Bull ATS Mastermind Course

(Advanced Trade Manager and Pit Trading Style Course included when you purchase Charging Bull ATS)

What's Inside this Advanced Trading Course?

The methods used in this course have been used by professional traders for over 3 decades and is our main trading style here at Bulls Edge. This trading style is a powerful yet simple approach to day trading the markets on the edge with minimum risk. You will learn how to find your trading edge and what to do with it when you do.

  • Trading Styles

    Trading styles vary from trader to trader and what is best for you may not be the best method for someone else. However, at Bulls Edge, we believe the best way for you to learn how to trade is to learn how to day trade, regardless of whether or not you’d like to become a position trader or swing trader or a mix of styles.



    • Day Trading the Markets
    • Trend Trading the Markets
    • Break Out Trading
    • Scalping the Markets
    • Position Trading
  • Charging Bull ATS

    The Charging Bull 2.0 User Manual covers everything there is to know about the Trade Manager. From setting up your profit targets, opening range, trading times, and much more. It also helps to manage your trade with Stops, Trails, Targets and last but definitely not least, money management. This will help you trade like a professional without fear, greed and emotion. 


    • Platform Setup: This will help you get started using and setting up Ninjatrader 8
    • Property Settings: This is where you setup your Charging Bull 2.0 trade manager
    • Indicator Settings: This will help you get your indicators set up if you choose not to use the strategy.
    • Chart Overview: This is where you will learn how to use CB 2.0 you just set up in Property Settings
    • Tips & Tricks: Advanced platform techniques and chart features
  • Bulls Edge Trading Strategy

    As you immerse yourself in this course, you will understand how we use powerful action targets, time frames, trend lines, momentum, and the opening range to trade the markets.


    • Action Targets
    • Bias 180 (Charging Bull Trend Reversal)
    • Bulls Edge Trading Methods
    • Candle Stick Patterns
    • Opening Range
    • Reversal Patterns
    • Ricochet (Charging Bull Reversal Pattern)
    • Trading with Market Styles
  • Trading Lessons

    In this section we will be putting everything you have learned together. You will learn professional trading techniques and how to apply them with our rules and strategy. 


    • First Trade of the Day
    • Support and Resistance
    • Action Targets 
    • Reversal Patterns and How to trade them
    • Auto Break Even
    • Auto Trail
    • Trading with a Runner
    • Semi Auto Trading
    • When to use Automatic Entries
    • Trading Times and Techniques
    • When to trade Bias 180
    • When to trade Ricochet
    • When to trade Bulls Edge Ray

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Designed for beginners to intermediate retail traders - Our on Demand Courses let you learn at your own pace.

  • Immediate access to Bulls Edge Members Area & Drip Fed Mastermind Trading Course.

  • Partnership Program

  • Customized Trading Strategy

  • Lifetime Access to Bulls Edge Private Group

  • Retail Traders Tool Kit

  • Ninjatrader 8 Platform installation and support

  • Contract Spec Cheat Sheet

  • Online Course Help Desk

  • Bulls Edge Affiliate Program

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Designed for beginners to intermediate retail traders - Step by Step live, interactive workshops.

  • Everything Bulls Edge MC +

  • 5% Mastermind Live Workshop with professional instructor  (10 in each group) 4 weeks - 3 days per week

  • Private Mentoring 1 on 1 with a private mentor - 2hr block

  • Platform and Strategy Setup (Remote Login)

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Career Package for beginners to advanced retail traders - Everything you need to trade like a professional.

  • Everything Bulls Edge MC+

  • Charing Bull ATS (Advanced trade manager and pit trading style course)

  • Step by Step Business Program

  • Platform and Strategy Setup (Remote Login)

  • Private Membership Area

  • Course Tests and Graduation Certificate (qualifying you for Investors Road Map and possible Risk Capital Trading Account)

  • 1 on 1 Mentorship Workshop - 6hrs of private mentoring

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