Stop using lagging indicators and making amateur mistakes

Why Professional Traders use our Strategy...

Attain Consistency. One of the most significant psychological challenges in trading is to stick with a trading plan. Most trading plans have the potential to be profitable, But most traders ignore the trading rules amending any expectations the plan would have had. It is impossible for a trading plan to be correct 100% of the time. Losses are going to happen; they are apart of trading. Automated trading systems allow traders to achieve consistency by trading the plan.

  • Controls Discipline

    Because trade executions perform automatically and rules established, discipline is sustained even in volatile markets. Automated trading ensures that discipline is maintained because the trading plan will be followed precisely.

  • Decreased Emotions

    Minimizing emotions while trading can give a huge psychological advantage. You will think more clearly making it easier to stick to the trading plan. Since trade orders execute automatically, traders will not be able to hesitate or question the trade.

  • Automated Protection

    Protective stop losses and profit targets automatically generate so it prevents a trade blowing past a stop and once your profit targets are hit Charging Bull ATS simply shuts down.

  • Deversifies Trading

    Permits user to trade multiple accounts or various strategies at one time. This spreads risk over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positions.

  • Rapid Fast Order Entries

    Automated trading systems respond rapidly to all market conditions, they can generate orders without hesitation. Getting in or out of trade immediately can make a huge difference in the trade’s outcome.

  • Money Management

    Protect your risk capital account by plugging in a customized trading plan with features like max win and loss, max number of trades per session, max number of contracts, daily profit and loss goals and more.

Charging Bulls Automated Strategy Simplifies Trading

  • Clear Entry & Exit Targets

    Charging Bull ATS, allows retail traders to establish rules for both trade entries and exits that can be automatically executed via a computer. The trade entry and exit rules are customizable based on your account size and trading style.

  • Monitor the Markets to find Buy or Sell Opportunities

    Once the strategy rules are entered, Charging Bull ATS will monitor the market to find buy or sell opportunities based on momentum, trend, volume, and high probability targets. This will take the guess work out of entries.​

  • Automated Order Entries & Exits

    In Futures and Forex markets, automated order entries can make the difference between a small loss, and catastrophic loss in the event the executed trade moves against the trader.​

  • Automated Money Management to protect your account

    Depending on the rules set, when a trade is executed, a protective stop, auto break even, profit targets and trailing stop will automatically be placed. Once placed Charging Bull ATS will monitor the trade and exit the market once the profit target or stop loss is triggered.​

  • News Events & Combine Trading Rules

    Our powerful news event feature allows you to see upcoming news events straight from the chart. You can toggle on or off by selecting low, medium, high or holiday news events. The "Trade the News" feature lets Charging Bull ATS automatically enter and manage your trade. The "Avoid the News" feature keeps combine traders within his or her strict guidelines. 

Position Manager

Take the guess work out of entries, exits, protective stops and profit targets.

The Position Manger is used to enter the market with single or multiple contracts as well as place your protective stop and profit targets. There is unlimited configurations you can use. Your mentor will build you a customized trading strategy to use within Charging Bull ATS so it comes pre-installed with your custom parameters.


You will also notice “Max loss” and “Max win” buttons near the bottom. When turned on these ensure you stick with your trading strategy and take the guess work out of your trades. These options make sure you trade within your money management goals which is a key component to becoming a successful trader.


Click on the button below to watch the position manager in action.

My experience with Bulls Edge has been nothing short of extraordinary in every way. I have received fantastic support and ongoing teaching on a weekly schedule by Bryan, the company's foremost trader, who has helped me more than any other mentor has ever helped me in the past. I highly recommend Bulls Edge to all traders serious about learning the correct way to trade.

Russell D - 5 Stars - Trust Pilot Verified

Manual Trader

Take control of Charging Bull ATS on the fly when you need to...

Charging Bull ATS is a powerful yet flexible auto trader, however it is a tool and as with any tool you need the ability to change settings on the fly and take over and or enter trades manually when needed. 


The Manual Trade tab lets you manually place orders and exit trades on the fly. When you use the manual trader Charging Bulls auto features will still govern your trades.


Check out the short video below.

Charging Bull took my futures trading to the next level! The customized strategy, along with Charging Bull has completely changed the way I trade. Within 6 weeks I was trading live with confidence I never had before. I am no longer gambling nor do I trade like an amateur. If you are a struggling trader like I was stop buying indicators and invest in Bulls Edge.

Ronnie L. - 5 Stars - Trust Pilot Verified

Auto Trader

Let  Charging Bull automatically control every aspect of your trading strategy.

Charging Bull ATS is a powerful automated trade management tool that assists you by: charting prominent support/resistance lines, keeping track of news events, utilizes money management techniques to protect your account, marks high probability trade setups and much more.


Charging Bull ATS was made to help you become a better trader by automating a whole host of responsibilities that you would otherwise have to keep track of yourself.

I have purchased several indicators and trading programs. I have never experienced the high quality service and attention to detail that Bullsedge provides. The video and hands on training is second to none. I am already a better and more profitable trader in just a couple weeks in and am confident that this will end my search for the right trading system.

Kieth K. - 5 Stars - Trust Pilot Verified

Edge Trading

Trade on the edge of the market with minimum risk.

The “edge trading’ section gives you an easy way to automatically enter the market based on some of the most common major support/resistance areas.


It utilizes the trade settings you have in your position manager and automatically enters the market based on the areas you’ve selected.


Check out the short video below.

The best, hands down! Quick responses from mentor, and a commitment to make sure the trader is up and running. Excellent web based resources, simple to use trading system, and excellent mentoring program!

George H. - 5 Stars - Trust Pilot Verified

Action Targets

We use action targets to help us make informed decisions when trading.

An “Action Target” is anywhere on the chart where you can decide to enter or exit the market.


Action Targets give you a clear area in the market to either enter a trade, place your stop loss, exit a trade or take profit and reverse your position.


Action targets can come in the form of popular support and resistance lines, price target patterns, trend lines or simply your profit target. 


Click on the button below to watch the position manager in action.

I am new to trading. I am taking the ATS and PIT style course. My instructor (Bryan) is great. I am slowly learning and taking advantage of all of his knowledge.

Craig - 5 Stars - Trust Pilot Verified

Trade the News

This unique strategy combines not one, but two automated components to help you trade around scheduled news events...

Trade the News

If you are an experienced trader, you know it’s crazy to trade around news events. But what if you could use scheduled news events to take quick profits out of the markets with a powerful automatic strategy built into Charging Bull ATS?


Avoid the News

If you are a combine trader you must follow strict guidelines while trading with someone elses money. Charging Bull gives you the tools you need to stay within your trading parameters.


Check out the video below...

As someone with little previous experience, this course taught me so much about trading. It explains fundamental concepts easily and effectively, while at the same time not overloading you with too much information. Bryan does an excellent job of getting you started, helping you set up your brokerage account, and building the confidence you need in the market. I received 1 on 1 teaching and really felt like I was given an individualized program that suit my busy schedule. I honestly could not imagine trading without Bulls Edge.

Dylan M. - 5 Stars - Trust Pilot Verified

Template Manager

The “template manager” section lets you save custom presets on the auto trader and load them fast when you need them.

When you utilize the template manager within Charging Bull ATS you will have the ability to switch  trading styles and settings on the fly.


Instead of manually switching your stops, contracts, auto trail etc.  all you would need to do is load your pre-built template and continue trading like a pro. 


Click on the button below to watch the position manager in action.

Bulledge is top notch. I am not even a customer yet, and the value the team has already provided to me is unlike anything I have been provided in the past. I look forward to continuing to work with them as I get my live trading system going.

5 Stars - Trust Pilot Verified

Whether you are new to trading, trade Stocks, Futures or Forex Charging Bull ATS will work for you.

You’re not just investing in another lagging indicator or auto-trading strategy. We provide an easy to use trading system that we use with confidence everyday to provide for our families. Let's see it in action... (Please click on the Full Screen Button on the bottom right of the video to see full screen). To exit full screen to go back to the site press your escape button on keyboard. 

E-Mini S&P  (ES) - Full Auto Mode

Crude Oil  (CL) - Full Auto Mode

Mini Dow  (YM) - Full Auto Mode

Gold  (GC) - Full Auto Mode

Mini Nasdaq  (NQ) - Full Auto Mode

Natural Gas  (NG) - Full Auto Mode

EUR/USD - Semi Auto Mode

GBP/USD - Semi Auto Mode

EUR/GBP - Full Auto Mode

USD/CHF - Full Auto Mode

USD/JPY - Full Auto Mode

USD/CAD - Full Auto Mode

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WARNING: Our mission is simple, teach you the same strategies we use every day to trade futures and forex markets.  If you put in the time and follow our strategies you have a high probability of succeeding like the students below.


Trading is not for everyone. So testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

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